The Prime Minister will meet with the unions on September 13 – Today 24

The “Al-Youm 24” website learned that the union leaders had received an invitation from the Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, to hold the first meeting of the Higher Committee for Social Dialogue on September 13.

The meeting takes place four months after the signing of the social pact on the eve of May 1, between the union centrals, the Government and the Patron.

The general secretary of the Moroccan Labor Union in Morocco, Miloudi Mukhareq, revealed in an interview with the website “Al-Youm 24”, that this meeting is scheduled to study some basic points for inclusion in the bill for the financing of next year

Among the most outstanding points, according to Khariq, which will be studied, is the reduction of the fiscal pressure on the salaried class, in which the tax on wages is deducted from the source up to 38 percent without tax evasion, while others exempt categories such as doctors and engineers in the private sector.
The meeting will also discuss the increase in salaries in the public and private sectors.

Among the demands that will arise, according to Mukhareq, is the social discrimination that occurs within the same family, where the first, second and third children are compensated with 300 dirhams, while the expected increase will be compensated for the fourth, fifth and sixth. children, with 100 dirhams, explaining that justice requires equality of the same children in compensation The family, especially since Moroccan families, according to the latest statistics, have only one to three children, and reducing family allowances for the fourth son and the above is no longer relevant, because it is linked to the seventies, when Morocco was applying a birth control policy to reduce population growth.

The Governing Council is expected to approve a draft decree on Thursday that will raise family compensation from Dh36 to Dh100 for the fourth, fifth and sixth children.

The draft decree related to the modification of the decree issued on the determination of the conditions for the granting of family compensation to civil servants, military personnel, State employees, municipalities and public institutions, arises in order to comply with the Government’s obligations with unions in the social agreement signed the day before. of the celebration of last May 1.