A parliamentarian denounces the exploitation of private security guards and cleaners by handling companies

The head of the Progress and Socialism team, Rachid Hamouni, denounced the government’s expectation that a category of workers in handling companies, mainly private security and hygiene guards, would be subjected to the worst forms of exploitation by their private employers. .

This happens, laments Hamouni, “within and under the gaze of public administrations and institutions that are supposed to set an example in respect of labor laws.”

The category of male and female workers, in most of the handling companies, is, according to a written question that Hamouni directed to the Minister of Economic Integration, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Skori, “a private category of its simplest and minimum social and economic value. moral rights. A large percentage of these salaries are gobbled up.”

The salaries mentioned, said the head of the Progress and Socialism team, “are very meager in origin, and in many cases do not exceed 700 dirhams per month. Legally stipulated working hours are also widely exceeded, with no compensation for additional working hours.

Progress and Socialist parliamentarian continued: “These workers are deprived of health insurance, annual vacations and compensation for paid national and religious holidays. For depriving them of their seniority rights, for arbitrary expulsion without the slightest consequence , and for the inhumane treatment that puts them in the position of the oppressed, in every sense of the word.”

Hamouni called on the government to force manipulative companies to respect payroll books, the labor code, international human rights agreements and international conventions ratified by Morocco, as well as to impose respect for trade union rights, specifically with regard to the category of workers. and workers of handling companies, especially security and hygiene guards.