Akhannouch chairs today a meeting on the integration of those involved in the “Ramid” health coverage system to the CNSS – Day 24

This morning, the President of the Government chaired a meeting at the Government headquarters on the integration of those affiliated to the “RAMED” system, to the health coverage system managed by the National Social Security Fund.

Akhannouch had made it clear during a parliamentary session last June that the earnings from the Ramid system would be preserved and enhanced in the new system, so that the beneficiary would enjoy the same privileges that he had, improving the offer in the future.

There are about 11 million people enrolled in the Ramed health coverage system, which is a fragile system, which has faced many difficulties and has led to a weakening of the public health offer. Within the framework of the project to generalize health coverage, the government seeks to transfer all these Ramed beneficiaries to the system supervised by the National Social Security Fund, with the imposition of contributions on those who are able to work and the State assuming part of the costs for the benefit of needy groups.