Hatem Amour and Hind Tazi join the list of the separated… What is happening in the artistic community? – day 24

As a means of attracting mass attention and creating a “pop” among social networking sites, most celebrities are deliberately posting or doing things that create suspicion about their separation from their wives, so the question remains. and their names go up. in the seeker, to know the truth. Are couples in the artistic community really in fragile relationships, likely to break at any moment, or is the matter overstepped and questioned?

The search for the truth about the separation of the Moroccan artist Donia Batma from her husband, the Bahraini producer Mohammed Al-Turk, has not yet ended, until the name of the Moroccan artist Hatem Amour and his wife Hind Al-Tazi was included. on the aforementioned list, and the usual start was to unfollow “Instagram”, and then Hind would delete all the photos that she collected Hatem from the app itself.

Hatem Amour kept his silence on the matter, and did not take any steps that aroused suspicion, except that he published videos of journalist Mustafa Al-Agha talking about exploitation.

Hind Al-Tazi ignored the birthday of her husband and father of her children and did not post any images or congratulatory phrases, which made matters worse and confirmed her doubts to her followers.

Hatem, accompanied by his wife, business manager Hind Al-Tazi, and their children, appeared a few days ago while they were enjoying their summer vacation on a small boat in a coastal city.

The artist, Donia Batma, categorically refused to speak about the dispute between her and her husband, Muhammad al-Turk, during her presence at a Moroccan festival, where she received a question from a journalist on the subject, but replied: “I am Makandwich, I am Fahdshi”, despite the steps taken by the latter and his failure to appear. With the Butma family on all occasions in the recent period, most notably the engagement of his wife’s sister, Iman Batma.