“If you see me, cry”… an inscription predicts the worst European drought – today 24

Social media platforms circulated an image of rocks etched with a phrase that translated as “If you see me, cry.” It appeared when the waters of the Elbe river receded.

The inscription dates back to the droughts that Europe suffered in the 17th century AD and is, according to media reports, a “warning left by previous generations of famines and food disasters due to the drying up of rivers and the shallowness of their waters.” waters.”

The Elbe River is one of the most important rivers in Central Europe, it rises in the Krakonoschi mountains in the Czech Republic, and passes through Germany before emptying near the city of Hamburg in the North Sea, with a length of about a thousand kilometers .

The aforementioned river formed one of the most important river navigation routes in Central Europe; The Czech countries, Germany, Poland and Austria benefit from this.

It should be noted that Europe is experiencing the worst drought in 500 years, as warnings have been issued in various forms covering roughly two-thirds of the continent, including a recent report issued by the Global Drought Observatory, which indicated that 47 percent of the continent is in a state of “alert” for drought.

The report also indicates that another 17 percent of the European area is on alert, meaning that the vegetation cover “shows signs of stress”.

He also warned that the drought will affect agricultural crops, spark forest fires, and could last for several more months in some regions of southern Europe.