The Chamber of Commerce of the Fez region condemns the “fall” of the Tunisian president – ​​today 24

The political and trade union authorities from all parts of the Kingdom continue to express their condemnation of the “fallen” of Kais Saied, the Tunisian president, who proceeded to receive the leader of the separatist militia, on the occasion of the convocation of the eighth Summit “TICAD in Tunisia”.

In this context, he denounced the components of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Fez-Meknes region, and condemned what he described as “the hostile move issued by the Tunisian president.”

The components of the chamber stressed, in a statement, that the hostile step taken by the Tunisian president, Kais Saied, would hit decades of fraternal relations between the two countries, especially that the Moroccan people and their Tunisian brother have old ties and solid ties. . which were demonstrated by many historical stations.

The statement adds that the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Fez-Meknes region informed its Tunisian counterparts of its protest and denunciation of the conduct of the Tunisian president, which it described as “reckless” issued by the highest authority in the country. Republic of Tunisia.

The statement praised the rejection of the Tunisian civil and political society to the “coup d’état against international legitimacy and diplomatic norms”, declaring that all the components of the chamber clung to the decisions of the king of the country, and the measures that it considers appropriate to confront this hostile position. issued by the Tunisian president.