About a quarter of the Iraqi population suffers from extreme poverty – Hoy 24

Iraq’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs revealed that a quarter of the population of Iraq, the Gulf country with enormous oil wealth, lives below the poverty line.

The Director of the Department of Social Welfare of the Ministry, Zikra Abdul Rahim, said that nine million Iraqis, or about a quarter of the population of 41 million, suffer from extreme poverty.

The official channel (Al-Iraqiya) quoted Zikra Abdul Rahim as saying that the number of Iraqi families benefiting from social welfare programs is 1.4 million, while the number of families entitled to salaries from the department of social welfare is three million.

Before the Corona pandemic, specifically in 2019, the Iraqi authorities had issued data indicating that the poverty rate in the country amounted to 22.5 percent.

Various experts attribute the reasons for the expansion of poverty in Iraq, mainly to the war against ISIS and the mass destruction that accompanied it, and to the catastrophic repercussions of the Corona virus, as well as the repercussions of climate change, as Iraq is considered one of the countries of the world most affected by this phenomenon.

However, specialists and social experts consider that these official figures, despite their height, do not really reflect the real number of poor people in Iraq, which is higher according to their estimates, warning of the dangerous repercussions of the resurgence of the phenomenon of poverty. in the country. country at various levels.