Parliamentary demands call for a new dynamic to improve the business climate

The head of the Progress and Socialism Team of the House of Representatives, Rachid Hamouni, called for launching a new dynamism with regard to improving the business climate and providing appropriate conditions to stimulate private investments, domestic and foreign, and support public investments. .

And after Hamouni mentioned in a written question addressed to the Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister in charge of Investment Assessment, Convergence and Public Policies, Mohsen Jazouli, the ongoing preparations for the production of the new investment charter, in the form of framework law. , highlighted that experience has shown that the territorial settlement of investments requires a strong political will and an effective public measure, so that all the regions of our country benefit from the fruits of growth under equal conditions, and in such a way that is achieved territorially. equity.

The Pullman region, according to the head of the Progress and Socialism team of the Chamber of Deputies, includes more than two hundred thousand people, has not been able to change the traits of fragility and poverty suffered by its inhabitants, due to the severe weakness of investments , whether private or public, despite the natural qualities Tourism and human resources available to this region, which has enormous economic and social difficulties.

The parliamentarian of the local district of Pullman added that all the indicators and statistics show the great lack of infrastructure of all kinds, and the poverty in domestic raw materials and in the final consumption of families, due to the absence of strong and operational productive institutions. , in addition to the weakness of the official structures to support self-employment, as well as the weakness of the network of structures The infrastructure that would lift the isolation of the region, and would bring it closer to the economic and maritime centers and points of sale at the national.

The aforementioned manifestations, according to Hamouni, lead to a real bloodletting of the human resources of the Pullman region, since most of the human energies and competencies of the region resort to experimenting with a solution to migrate outside of it, in order to seek social solutions. broader economic horizons and opportunities.

In addition, the Parliament of Progress and Socialism in the Chamber of Deputies called for revealing the investment measures that the government has taken to save the present and future of the Pullman region and its inhabitants, through concrete measures that make it a attractive land space. for investments that create permanent jobs, and that will advance the region economically and socially.