The government is really consistent – today 24

Mustafa Paytas, the official government spokesman, said it is not possible to talk about a reshuffle of the government unless the political and constitutional aspects are in place.

Paytas added, in the press conference that followed the weekly government meeting, today Thursday, “When these two elements are available, we can talk about the government’s amendment, and it is necessary to have a political debate in the majority, as well as respect the constitutional path associated with government reform”.

Paytas stressed: “It is natural to say that the government is harmonious, and that is the reality”, adding: “The government operates with a common soul, and the evidence today is the issuance of a set of decrees related to social dialogue. “

The government official added: “Frankly and clearly, the government is now operating in a difficult international context, and its only concern is how the government program can be implemented and how it can live up to the high expectations of Her Majesty the King and the Moroccan people”.