The installation of new men of authority in Oujda who were appointed by the Ministry of the Interior – today 24

The new men of authority were installed today, Thursday, at the state headquarters of the eastern region of Oujda-Angad, who were appointed within the framework of the recent transition movement of authority figures organized by the Ministry of the Interior. These appointments concerned 31 new authority figures, including Abd al-Salam al-Hatash, who was appointed secretary general of the Oujda-Angad prefecture, after having served as secretary general and head of the internal affairs department. with the same position, and Muhammad al-Habib, who was promoted to secretary general and head of the department of internal affairs of labour, after holding the position of head of the department of internal affairs in the prefecture of Beni Mellal province.

In a speech on the occasion, the Wali of the Levant region, governor of Oujda-Angad, Moaz Jami, stressed that this transition movement is part of the activation of the strategy of the Ministry of the Interior aimed at keeping up with the pace of social transformations and raise economic and social challenges, in compliance with the high royal instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, calling for greater efficiency and optimal rationalization of human resources in the authority of the authority, dedicating efficiency standards , merit and equal opportunities, in the assumption of positions of responsibility. Jamai urged women and men in authority to actively participate in everything related to administrative and spatial management and work to build bridges of communication and openness to all components of society, listen to the concerns of citizens and address their problems, and find solutions to them in full respect of legal procedures, as well as the need to pay special attention to the Moroccans of the world. He stressed that the man of authority, faced with the phenomenon of water scarcity in the country as a result of climatic conditions associated with years of drought, especially in the eastern region known for its water resources, is called, like the rest of the groups of interest, to undertake structural, reform and awareness processes to rationalize water consumption.

Jamai highlighted the role of the new men of power to start the generalization of social protection, which they must put at the center of their concerns to achieve the desired objectives. He called on the men of authority to work and coordinate with the various interests and security services, to provide security and protection to citizens, involving the citizen in this approach as an essential partner to face the various risks and forms of crime. , and adopt a proactive policy. as a basic rule.

He also called on the various stakeholders, including elected representatives, representatives of political and trade union bodies, administrative officials, economic and social actors, and civil society, to work together with the men of power and provide them with support and assistance to achieve desired goals in the service of the public interest.