Two girls herding sheep drown in Azilal after being swept away by torrents (communiqué) – Hoy 24

Local authorities in Azilal province revealed that two girls aged around 17 drowned on Thursday night, after they were swept away by torrents while grazing cattle in the Tersal valley, Ait Bouli community in Azilal province.

The same sources indicated that as soon as they were notified of the accident, the local authorities mobilized with the residents of the place, since the bodies of the two victims were recovered at the level of Douri Esqifen and Orhan in the commune of Sidi Boukhalaf.

He mentioned that the community of Ait Bouli had witnessed severe thunderstorms today, causing the water level of some reefs and waterways to rise and causing torrential rains in Wadi Tersal.