Two lawyers were assaulted in the Okasha prison and forcibly removed from the penitentiary institution (clarification from the Prison Delegate) – Day 24

After the accusations made yesterday by the lawyers against the director of the Oukacha prison in Casablanca, of beating and injuring them and forcibly removing them from the penitentiary institution, the General Delegate of Penitentiary Administration came out today, Thursday, to clarify that “the two lawyers They refused to grant the vaccination permit to the employee assigned to this task, in application of the procedures established to prevent the spread of the “new coronavirus” virus.

The two Casablanca Authority lawyers, Mohamed Lakhdar and Younes Tagouti, confirmed, according to their testimony, that they had been “beaten and ill-treated inside the local prison of Ain Sebaa (Okasha)”, on Wednesday morning.

The source explained that the director of the institution was notified of the event, who went to the scene and asked the lawyers to give him the vaccination permit.

The statement continued: “The two stakeholders not only refused to give permission for the vaccination, but also verbally attacked the director of the institution, calling him “authoritarian” and “police” and stating that they are “bigger than the penitentiary institution”. “, and also caused chaos.

The statement indicated that the lawyers were given a specific time to leave the institution in order to preserve their safety and that of their visitors, and given their insistence on remaining without submitting to the established procedures, the administration of the institution ordered their removal by force without violence, contrary to the complaints they made.

“The administration of the local prison, Ain El Sebaa 1, confirmed that such isolated incidents will not affect the cooperative relations it has with the women and men lawyers and the esteemed bodies to which they belong.”