What Qais Saeed did a dangerous slider – today 24

The Moroccan Syndicate of Dramatic Arts Professionals described the behavior of the Tunisian President Kais Saied during his meeting with the leader of the fictitious entity “Polisario” as “the reception rejected in form and content”, which completely contradicts the entrenched position of Tunisia on the question of the Moroccan Sahara.

The Moroccan Union of Dramatic Arts Professionals issued a statement expressing its strong condemnation of what Qais Said had fallen for, and what it considered a dangerous slip that would lead to unimaginable consequences.

The union’s statement stated that “Tunisia’s historical position on this issue has been blown up and thrown into narrow and circumstantial calculations, a position that would have kept the Republic of Tunisia in a position to contribute to resolving the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, that hindered the realization of the great Maghreb dream, but with this unjustified action, unfortunately, the situation has become more complex and cloudy”.

Within the framework of the cultural and artistic relationship between Morocco and Tunisia, the Union affirmed that the artistic history of Tunisia does not allow it to commit what it has committed, since it is characterized by sobriety, wisdom and the cultural elite, and that this elite plays important functions to maintain and respect the territorial integrity of all the countries of the Maghreb, as a point of entry. It is essential and fundamental to improve security and peace in the region, which are responsible for promoting the democratic path and economic growth, and the consequent consolidation of the freedom of creativity and the deepening of cultural interaction between the peoples of the Maghreb without obstacles or sensitivities”.