Hoda Sedky attracts the sympathy of his followers and ascends the throne of the Tunduns – today 24

Moroccan actress and influencer, Hoda Sedky, ascended the throne of the Moroccan Tondoun, with a video in which Moroccans worry about her health, only to discover, after watching it, that she had contracted the new coronavirus.

The image of Hoda Sedky crying without revealing the reason helped to arouse the sympathy and curiosity of her followers to learn about the disease she suffers from, which led her to accumulate thousands of reproductions in a short period of time, and even came to occupy the first place in the Moroccan “Trend”. “.

Sedqi warned about the emerging “Corona” virus, especially since a number of people hope that the virus is over, as he said, saying, “The return of the mind is still Corona.”

Hoda Sedky suffered from severe pain in his muscles and head, but he did not think this was due to Corona.