The professional championship… the defending champion Wydad Athletic drew in his first match with Al-Fateh Sports – today 24

The defending champion Wydad Athletic scored a point in its first official match this season, after drawing 1-1 with Al-Fath Sports, in the match that was played today Friday at the Moulay El Hassan stadium in Rabat, for the first day of the professional championship in its first division.

The two teams entered the match in their first round, determined to open the scoring from the beginning, to be able to conduct the match the way each team wanted, but the first minutes of the confrontation saw the lack of coordination between the players, which made losing a lot of balls to Wydad and Al-Fateh in midfield.

The sporting conquest was the most effective in attack, since he was close to opening the scoring on more than one occasion, were it not for the good interventions of goalkeeper Reda Al-Taknaouti, and the good footing of his teammates in defense. , while Wydad was looking for the loophole that would allow him to reach Al-Mahdi Benabid’s nets, as the red team chose, they opted for shots from distance as a solution, without being able to achieve their objective.

As the first half headed to the end at the pace of Al-Bayyad, Al-Fath Al-Siyadi opened the scoring in the 44th minute with a header from Marouane El-Wadni, ending the first half with a clean goal for his team. , knowing that the meeting is known for the presence of Walid Rekraki, coach of the Moroccan team.

Wydad Athletic started the second round without introductions, after managing to adjust the result in the 51st minute thanks to player Ayman Al-Hassouni, with a powerful shot from outside the area of ​​operations that left goalkeeper Mehdi Benabid no chance to stop, bringing the meeting back to square one, after which the two teams discussed once Another about the goal of progress.

The two teams continued in search of the goal that would guarantee them the three points, in their first game this season in the professional championship, but all their attempts failed, by the minority, after the ball was confined in most of their periods on the pitch. midfield, and many passes were lost, due to haste and lack of concentration.

Marouane Al-Wadni, Al-Fateh Al-Sporty’s only scorer in the match, was shown a red card in the 85th minute, leaving his team down to ten players in the last five minutes. both sides, a goal for the same.

Wydad Athletic raised their score to one point, temporarily occupying the runner-up position, accompanied by Al-Fath Al-Athyyyy, who also have one point on their scoreboard, while Hassania Agadir currently leads the standings with three points, while Renaissance Berkane is temporarily no points.