“Le Monde” hopes that the coldness in relations between Morocco and Tunisia will continue – Today 24

The French newspaper “Le Monde” hoped that the cold in relations between Tunisia and Morocco would continue.

The newspaper cites historian Sophie Besise that Morocco’s refusal to participate in TICAD, referring to the eighth Japan-Africa Economic Forum summit held at the end of last August in Tunisia, “was clearer because the country has an African diplomacy very active, unlike Tunisia”.

“It is the welcoming of Ibrahim Ghali in a way that suggests he is a ‘head of state’ that angered Rabat,” Bessis added. In fact, the Tunisian president personally went to the airport to receive Ghali.

If, according to Bessis, Kais Saied had contented itself with “sending a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive the leader of the Polisario Front, the Moroccan reaction would have been less severe. But this welcome is even more surprising, because Tunisia has never recognized the fictitious Saharawi Republic”.

Sofi continued: “Since Tunisian independence, and especially since 1962, the date of Algerian independence, Tunisia has always faced an attempt by Algeria to incorporate it into its sphere of influence.”