The gendarmerie solves the mystery of the discovery of the remains of the body of a young woman who was devoured by dogs in the areas of Tiznit – today 24

The sources reported that the Royal Gendarmerie finally managed to crack the mystery of finding the remains of a young woman who had been eaten by dogs in an empty area, in the Two Aklo group areas in Tiznit province, about two months ago.

The investigation carried out by the Royal Gendarmerie Brigade at the Tiznit Judicial Center revealed the identity of the main suspect in the case, after his name was mentioned during the interrogation of two detainees who were presented on charges of failing to report a murder. in question, at the beginning of last July.

The arrest of the main suspect in the case, nicknamed “Takhzira”, occurred in parallel to the combing operation in a wooded area of ​​the Tiznit districts, after receiving a complaint from a shepherd who was attacked and tried to steal his cattle. in the young woman’s murder.