A Belgian parliamentary delegation visits the city of El-Aaiún to promote future collaborations – Hoy 24

In the context of the presentation of the achievements of the southern provinces in general and of the city of El-Aaiun in particular, the meeting room of the collective council of the city of El-Aaiun witnessed a meeting of a parliamentary delegation Belgian and the head of the El Ayoun community.

Yesterday, Saturday, the head of the urban community of El-Ayoun, Hamdi Ould Errachid, and several members of the government table received a Belgian parliamentary delegation that included David Leisterh, parliamentary deputy and regional head of the Mouvement Réformateur, El Boujdaini Amin , assistant, De Maegd Michel, federal deputy, and Van Goidsenhoven Gaetan, regional deputy President of the Group in the Belgian Senate, Adine Kamal as assistant, Bazin Clémentine as deputy and Weystman David as regional deputy.

The meeting witnessed a detailed presentation on the history of the city and its stages of development since the evacuation of the Spanish colonizer and his return to the homeland.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation made a field visit to most of these facilities, where the head of the delegation David Leisterh expressed his admiration for the great development he witnessed and the good sustainable development, adding that this meeting will be the first and not the last, and will work to hold meetings in the near future to activate alliances between the community of El Ayoun and Belgian cultural and economic groups.