A Moroccan invention that facilitates the fishing process wins the gold medal at an exhibition in Turkey

A Moroccan marine exploration invention won the gold medal and the grand prize for the best international invention, awarded by the International Federation of Inventors Associations at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair organized from August 30 to September 4, 2022 in Turkey.
Said invention is a network of intelligent robots each with one or more sensors to collect environmental, air, military and marine information.
Among the applications of this invention is the “scanning of large marine surfaces to detect the density and movement of fish in the desired fishing area”.
The invention also allows the use of information collected in the field of fishing in order to ensure the efficiency of fishing in real time, in order to facilitate the process of determining fishing trips and places effectively without lose in the oceans or waste time. without results
In the aforementioned exhibition, a Moroccan invention won the gold medal and is related to a smart solution that allows a successful and attractive fundraiser.

This designed system is installed in public spaces or private companies such as hospitals, offices, shops, schools, museums, public transport or others.
While the silver medal went back to the invention of the “intelligent sterilization system”, it allows regular prevention against viruses, bacteria or others, regardless of whether the areas of their presence are in water, air, surfaces or otherwise. through an intelligent system. System based on UV technology.
Moroccan Inventions, on behalf of the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences, participated in a thousand invention projects that were evaluated by a jury composed of Turkish and international experts and inventors, university and industrial professors, and directors of offices for the protection of ideas and patents.
Istanbul International Invention Fair, one of the world’s exhibitions organized annually to commercialize patents, inventions, new products and technical ideas, is organized by the Turkish government and sponsored by the International Federation of Inventors Associations.