Great controversy in Egypt over the transfer of the remains of Taha Hussein – today 24

In the context of the circulation of an image of the entrance to the cemetery of the Dean of Arabic Literature, Taha Hussein, with the word “removal” written on it, social media platforms know of a great controversy among Egyptians.
The controversy continued despite the fact that the Egyptian authorities affirmed, yesterday Friday, “that what was circulated about the removal of the tomb of the dean of Arabic letters, Taha Hussein, is incorrect.”

The late writer’s granddaughter, Maha Aoun, revealed in statements to the press the family’s withdrawal “from thinking about moving her grandfather’s remains out of Egypt, stressing that” Taha Hussein is Egyptian and belongs to Egypt.

The circulating image of the cemetery bears the word “removal”, amid comments that Egyptian authorities will remove the cemetery and adjacent graves as part of a new project to lay new roads and hubs to overcome the traffic crisis and congestion. in the Egyptian capital.

Egyptian authorities have begun to remove some real estate while compensating its residents, either with alternative housing or money, but the biggest crisis remains the prospect of demolishing cemeteries many consider historic and of great value, including Taha’s tomb. . Hussein.

The cemetery, which is currently located in the “Al-Khalifa” area of ​​central Cairo, near the Ibn Ata Allah al-Sakandari Mosque, also contains the remains of Taha Hussein Amina’s daughter, who was one of the the first girls to get a university. degree in Egypt, and the remains of her late husband, Muhammad Hassan al-Zayat, who served as Egypt’s Foreign Minister during the October War of 1973.