Shabab Muhammadiyah opens his matches defeating Olympique Khouribga – today 24

The Mohammedia Juvenil managed to defeat Olympique Khouribga with a clean goal, in the match that was played today, Sunday, at the Khouribga Phosphate Stadium, for the account of the first day of the professional championship in its first division.

Each team tried to reach the net at the start of the match in their first round, through the attempts put at their disposal, from the whistle of referee Muhammad Al-Baroudi, but the first quarter of an hour saw a sloppy performance and the ball. he was confined to the center of the field, he did not authorize the juribianos and the representative of the city of flowers to open the scoring.

The Mohammedia youth scored his first goal of the match in the 23rd minute through player Aziz Al-Nakhli, which made the Olympique Khouribga players go further to equalize before the end of the first round, which came close in the 32nd. minute, had it not been for the post that represented goalkeeper Sofiane Barhou in Confront.

And things continued as they were in the remaining minutes, Olympique Khouribga was looking for a tie without being able to achieve their goal, and the youth from Muhammadiyah was looking to add the second goal without being able to reach the net again, so that the first round ended with the March of Marouane Aflah’s teammates with a clean goal.

The Olympique Khouribga players excelled in wasting opportunities in the second round, after they took control of them from the referee’s whistle, while Muhammadiyah’s youth maneuvered from time to time to attack the Olympique Khouribga team. Khouribga with a goal against the course of the match. , raising the result to two goals instead of keeping one goal.

Anwar Kabas came close to scoring for his team in the 71st minute with a powerful shot from outside the area of ​​operations, had it not been for the crossbar that prevented him, knowing that the phosphated team continued to dominate the second round, forcing his opponent, Shabab Muhammadiyah, to rely on counterattacks, which did not pose any danger to goalkeeper Mohamed Ferni.

Olympique Khouribga continued with their high pressure in search of an equalizer, which escaped them during the 90 minutes, while the Mohammedia youth continued to defend his goal, relying on counterattacks that almost gave him the second goal in the 83rd minute, had he not been for him. It was due to the rush to pay and the good intervention of the goalkeeper Ferni, the match ended with the victory of the representative of Madinat Al-Zohour with a clean goal over the Fosfato team.

Youth of Mohammedia currently leads the professional championship with three points, along with Hassania Agadir, Al-Difaa Al-Hasani Al-Jadidi, Al-Salmi Sports Youth and the Royal Army, while Olympique Khouribga sit at the bottom of the standings. without points, accompanied by Nahdet Berkane, Mouloudia Oujda, Ittihad Tangier and Turkish Al Ittihad Sports;