A parliamentarian questioned the Minister of Health about the suicide of a doctor at the Ibn Rushd Hospital in Casablanca – Hoy 24

MP Fatma Al-Tamni, from the Federal Left, sent a written question to the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khaled Ait Taleb, about the circumstances and circumstances of the suicide of a doctor at the Casablanca University Hospital Center.

Al-Tamni said in the written question: “We have learned of the death of the resident doctor, Dr. Rashid Bassin, at the Ibn Rushd University Hospital Center in Casablanca, in tragic circumstances that raise many questions about the great psychological pressures exerted on the deceased, in relation to his mission as resident doctor.

The parliamentarian added: “It is clear through the document of condolence issued by the National Committee for Internal Medicine and Residents in Morocco, after this tragic incident, that there are real problems that internal doctors and residents suffer during their educational career in hospital centers. college students .”

Al-Tamni asked: “How can doctors in the process of study and doctors in the process of specialization live under daily pressure from their supervisors, to be balanced doctors and able to provide scientific and psychological support to their patients after their graduation? graduation? ?”

And the parliamentarian considered that “what is happening will threaten the integrity of the medical framework as a whole, and the society project related to the national health system in which Moroccans place great hopes”.