2,700 million dirhams for the construction of a dam in the Agadir regions, in anticipation of a future drought – today 24

Yesterday, Monday, the Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, made a field visit to the site of the Great Tamri Dam project, which is being carried out in the Tamri Valley, 62 km from the city of Agadir, within the framework of the master plan for the integrated development of water resources in the Souss-Massa basins and the National Program for the Supply of drinking water and irrigation water 2020-2027.

According to the Ministry of Baraka, the completion of this dam will require a financial endowment of 2.7 billion dirhams, and its storage capacity will reach 204 million cubic meters, and is mainly intended to support and guarantee the supply of drinking water to the region. .

The main objective of this visit is to closely monitor the progress of the preparations for the start-up of the workshops for the completion of this large hydraulic installation, which will be 75 meters high and 460 meters long.

On this occasion, the two officials were informed about the water facilities available in the Souss-Massa basin, as well as about the program of exploration wells and their conversion into exploitation wells to supply drinking water to mosques and village schools in the Agadir Idautnan prefecture, as well as the I and 11 underground road project, as well as the Souss Valley technical installation project.

On the same day, Nizar Baraka, in the presence of the wali of the Souss-Massa region, governor of the Agadir region, Adawatnan, appointed Mohamed Hafian regional director of equipment and water for Souss-Massa. the location of it being an important link in uniting the north and south of the Kingdom, the urban development program for the city of Agadir 2020-2024 in February 2022 embodies the vision of Mawlawiya.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Equipment and Water, within the framework of the social initiatives it supervises, made available to the residents of Idmir 4 water tanker trucks, led by Amskrud, Al-Tamri, led by Al-Tamri, Tadarart, led by Imouzar, and Aziyar, led by Imozar These areas are experiencing severe scarcity of water resources. Thus, a total of 2,490 people were provided with water tanks of 5 cubic meters each, with a total capacity of 20 cubic meters.