Security challenges facing air transport security in light of cyber threats

Mohamed Abdel Jalil, Minister of Transport and Logistics, said that the rapid digital transformation that the aviation sector has experienced, especially during the stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, has become a major challenge related to security and safety. protection of air transport, which is today facing a set of cyber threats.

During the opening activities of the second session of the regional symposium on “Innovation and Cyber ​​Security”, organized by the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, the European Civil Aviation Conference, the African Civil Aviation Commission and the Air Transport Security Administration of the USA, added that Morocco’s hosting of this symposium is proof of the importance it attaches to the air transport sector, its security and protection, recalling that Morocco adopted in 2012 the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which aims to develop national capacities for the security of information systems. and improve digital trust.

The Minister called on the participants in this meeting to enhance cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience in this field among all stakeholders in all sectors related to cybersecurity issues in civil aviation, in order to ensure that the sector is immunized against potential threats and risks. , within the horizon of ensuring a “safe, solid and regular air transport”.

This symposium was attended by more than 100 officials and experts in the field of civil aviation, especially in the fields of aviation safety and security, representing more than 40 African and Arab countries.