The dismissal of the “DW” journalist on charges of anti-Semitism “is not legally justified” – today 24

A German court has ruled in favor of the Palestinian-Jordanian journalist, Farah Maraqa, that her dismissal from the German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, on charges of anti-Semitism, was “not legally justified”.

The aforementioned journalist was expelled, along with six other Arab employees of DW, in February 2022, accused of “anti-Semitism”.

In a statement published by the European Legal Support Center, he said: “We hope this sends a clear message that they must stop their censorship practices,” adding that “withdrawal, including through legal procedures, is effective and necessary.” to defend these rights.”

DW will have until mid-September to appeal the court’s decision issued on Monday, or accept it and publicly apologize for firing the aforementioned journalist and retract the accusations.