“Al-Bam” calls on the government to accelerate the pace of the social, economic and political reforms in which it is advancing – today 24

The Political Bureau of the Authenticity and Modernity Party called on the government, on the occasion of the new social income, to accelerate the pace of sectoral social dialogue, to offer much to all citizens.

The BAM leadership, after a meeting of its political bureau, also urged the Akhannouch government to invest in the new political and parliamentary entry station, in full remembrance of the magnitude of external and internal constraints and challenges, in order to contribute to accelerating the pace of social, economic and political reforms in which the government advances.

In this sense, the PAM called on its two parliamentary groups to continue to be present in the legislative institution, fully carry out their functions in full compliance with the charter of the majority of the government and commit themselves effectively to the urgent legislative reforms that the legislative the institution will meet in various fields, especially in the field of economics and finance, and to improve the attractiveness of investments Strengthen the human rights system and consolidate the rule of law and other laws.

In relation to the organizational matters of the party, the Jarrar party announced the formation of thematic committees that will work to prepare the full conditions for the renewal of the PAM organization from the Moroccans of the world, in parallel to the establishment of a series of scientific committees, cultural and political encounters that converge the bets of the subject from its diverse edges.

Within the framework of its intervention on the organizational situation of the party, the Political Bureau was informed of the organizational reports, relating to the roadmap for holding the party’s regional conferences, which will begin this weekend in Tangier, and to complete the renewal of all party structures. on the scheduled date.

The Political Bureau also deepened the discussion on the content of the reports on how and conditions to rebuild the organization of women and youth of the party, as well as the National Institution for the Authenticity and Modernity of the elected positions of the Party.