Asmaa Al-Munawar performs her marriage ceremony with Hisham Ait Menna – today 24

The source of “Al-Youm 24” revealed the news of Moroccan singer Asmaa Al-Munawar’s marriage to the director of the Muhammadiyah Youth Football Company, Hisham Ait Menna.

The source confirmed that Al-Munawar married MP Hisham Ait Menna in the city of Muhammadiyah on Wednesday, but the latter two did not announce it on social media.

Asmaa kept the news of her partnership with Hisham Ait Menna, and did not share her joy over her marriage with her fans and followers through social media, especially as she is known to not be active on “Social Media” and does not post. his personal life

Moroccan actor Mohamed El-Shoubi posted the news of the couple’s marriage on his Facebook page, where he congratulated them and wished them happiness and well-being.

Al-Shoubi wrote: With the welfare and happiness of our beautiful artist, Al-Toruba Al-Rajawi, Asmaa Lamnawar married MP Ait Menna.

Of note, Asmaa Al-Munawar shocked her audience last year with the news of her divorce from her husband, Tunisian composer Issam Al-Sharbati, following a marriage that resulted in a boy named “Adam” with a mood disorder. autistic spectrum, specifically Asperger Syndrome, as revealed earlier.