Doctors’ protests escalate after the suicide of a colleague due to “bad working conditions” (+ video) – Hoy 24

Photography: Yassine Ait Cheikh

On Wednesday, several doctors and colleagues of Dr. Rashid Yassin, who ended his life, organized national commemorative vigils in all university hospitals, and also wore black badges.

At the Ibn Rushd University Hospital in Casablanca, where the aforementioned doctor worked within its walls and lived in the Department of Urology, his colleagues organized a vigil asking that the circumstances of his suicide by hanging be investigated in a hospital in the French capital. where he was spending his training period there.

Alaa Al-Issawi, head of the Association of Resident Doctors at Ibn Rushd Hospital, said in his statement to Al-Youm 24, on the sidelines of the vigil, that “what happened to Yassin is so difficult that it simply cannot happen.” .

He explained: “Doctors should ask about the real reasons behind their colleague’s suicide, asking themselves: ‘Why didn’t Yassin decide to change specializations or take a break on a long vacation?’ However, he added, “there are great pressures on Yassin, which was not easy.”

He stressed that “professors are setting an example for all medical students and should help us combat any model that gives a bad image of medical training and the path of doctors.”

While Hisham Arfawi, a friend of the deceased, spoke about his qualities, pointing out that “he was a pure human being and what happened to him should not be repeated”, pointing out that “he suffered great pressure like the rest of his colleagues at Hospital Ibn Rushd”.

The National Committee of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry Students, and the National Committee of Medical Interns and Residents of Morocco, denounced the “terrible silence of the tutors when revealing the results of the investigation and the circumstances of this tragic incident”.

Osama Rashid, the brother of the dead man, revealed in a statement that his brother was subjected to “terrible pressure, injustice and humiliation, in addition to illegal sanctions, and systematic deprivation of his right to training by a professor recently joined the department. , which led to what ultimately led to the matter.” And he stressed that his death “cannot happen without calculating and disposing of the legal sanctions” for the affected doctor.