Insurance and registration obligations exceed one thousand dirhams in private schools in Agadir (video) – today 24

The vice president of the Moroccan University for Consumer Protection said that several citizens, including parents and guardians, “expressed their dissatisfaction with the immoral practices that private schools orchestrated against them during the school entry period.”

Abdel-Karim El-Shafei, in his intervention on “Al-Youm 24”, confirmed that “he received complaints from the parents of the students about the increase in tuition and insurance fees in several private schools in Agadir, which, according to him , , exceeded Dh1,000 to Dh2,000 per file.”

He said he “discovered a surprise as soon as he contacted the insurance institutions, which confirmed that the cost of insuring private educational institutions for their students does not exceed Dh15 per person, as the difference is still a significant profit.” for the owners of private institutions”. schools,” as he put it.

According to Al-Shafei, “private educational institutions live off the impact of outrageous administrative randomness, which drains parents’ purchasing power in the face of the ministry’s lack of commitment to reprimand investors in the sector, who also deal in textbooks, against the laws. in force, since some of them decided to sell the courses to their students within their institutions.” This generated complaints from various library owners and publishers.”