The British Prime Minister promises to get out of the economic storm and announces her new team

Liz Truss announced the formation of her new government immediately after taking over as British Prime Minister, succeeding Boris Johnson, with the three main ministries being handed over to members of ethnic minorities.

As expected, Truss rewarded his allies during his campaign to win the leadership of the Conservative Party, appointing Kwasi Quarting as finance minister, James Cleverly as secretary of state and Suila Braverman as home secretary.

Kurating is the son of Ghanaian immigrants and is the country’s first black finance minister. His immediate focus will be on changing Britain’s dire economic situation.

Cleverly is a mixed-race serviceman who served under Truss at the State Department while Braverman’s Indian parents emigrated to Britain from Kenya and Mauritius.

Loyalist Teresa Coffey has been appointed health minister and deputy prime minister, Downing Street announced in a series of statements.

Ben Wallace also retained the Defense Department, while Truss pledged to continue the strong support for Ukraine that had begun under Boris Johnson.

On Tuesday, Liz Truss promised Britain would see better days despite the bleak economic situation, in her first speech as prime minister after taking office from Boris Johnson.

Heavy rain and lightning forced supporters of Britain’s third female prime minister to seek shelter as they awaited her arrival in Downing Street.

But the clouds cleared with the arrival of the convoy of the 47-year-old former foreign minister, who has vowed to lead her country out of a “storm” of inflation of more than 10 percent and a massive increase in energy prices.

“I will take steps this week to tackle our energy bills and secure our energy supply well into the future,” he said.

“No matter how strong the storm is, I know the British people are stronger,” he added, laying out his priorities, which would be the economy, energy and the health crisis.

Truss was declared the winner of an internal election within the Conservative Party on Monday, after an election campaign that began in July.

He arrived in Downing Street after traveling 1,000 miles round trip to meet Queen Elizabeth II in the Scottish Highlands, where he accepted the invitation to form a government.

The 30-minute meeting took place at Balmoral Palace after the Queen decided not to go to London due to ill health.

And Terrace is expected, as soon as Thursday, to suspend rising energy bills for families this winter and perhaps for a longer period, which could cost tens of billions of pounds.

Distressed families, faced with an 80% increase in electricity and gas bills since October, have called for immediate action to prevent millions of people from being forced to choose between heating their homes and buying food this winter.

It also warned commercial businesses that they may be forced to close due to higher energy costs.

Truss, who says he is a champion of free markets, has vowed to cut taxes to spur growth, despite warnings that increased lending could exacerbate inflation.