Two young people committed suicide by hanging in the city of Safi in less than 24 hours – today 24

In less than 24 hours, south of the city of Safi, the death of two young people (a boy and a girl) who allegedly chose to end their lives by hanging, before reaching their second decade, was recorded between Monday and yesterday Tuesday.

It is related to a girl, born in December 2003, named Kawthar F., who received her bachelor’s degree this year.
Kawthar, who is known for her good manners and perseverance in studies, surprised the residents and her acquaintances by committing suicide if the case is true.
The sources of “Al-Youm 24” assume that the dead woman took advantage of her family’s departure yesterday afternoon from the house located in the popular neighborhood of Al-Zawiya, south of the city, and hanged herself under mysterious circumstances, and by strangers. reasons, with a rope hanging from a height that wrapped tightly around her neck.
According to the testimony of her acquaintances and neighbors, she is a young woman of good morals, and she really wanted to continue her university studies, so there are doubts that she will take her own life because she does not have any symptoms.

The second case is related to the death of a 20-year-old man, whose family found his body hanging from a rope, the day before yesterday, Monday afternoon, at his home in the popular neighborhood of Amoni, south of Safi.
The deceased (Hamza) is assumed to have committed suicide by hanging, choosing to end his life for unknown reasons despite his young age.
His relatives say that he continued to take drugs, because of the bad company in the neighborhood, and in the neighborhoods surrounding the family residence.