An expert warns of the environmental risks of replacing the burned forests of Morocco with imported trees that are harmful to the environment

An international expert in botany, hydraulic and forestry engineering, Moh Ragdali, warned about the environmental risks of replacing burned forest areas with imported trees.

In an interview with (Youm 24), Ragdali said: “It is advisable to avoid resorting to imported and exotic trees, pointing out that the renewal and rehabilitation of forests by adopting the original tree species is not modified by another solution due to its adaptation . to the various components of its biosphere, including climate, soil, plant and animal species over decades.

The international expert added that native species “have the ability to gradually adapt to changes in natural factors and some cosmic plagues and resist them, and constitute an adequate refuge for biological diversity that is important from the economic, social or economic point of view. environmental. .”

Reality may dictate that exotic species are sometimes used, according to Ragdali, to compensate for forests damaged by fire (or destruction) or to achieve an economic necessity such as obtaining wood (or plant resources) needed for a particular industry. . and others.

However, according to the water and forest engineer, “although they have advantages since they grow fast and cover some short-term economic needs, their plantation causes a lot of environmental damage, since the forests created with exotic trees such as pines, eucalyptus and of acacia that are common in our country They do not grow on shrubs, secondary herbs and annual plants that we are used to in various regions of our country, and these forests are almost devoid of beasts.

Exotic trees, continues the international expert, “have a reputation for being water pumps, given their need for water and the peculiarity of their deep roots, which causes the depletion of the water bed, and this happens even if they are planted in dry areas , where these trees have the ability to extract water even from the silt and mud, which causes the extinction of the plants next to them for not finding water to continue with life.

Also, these trees, like other wild or agricultural plants or used in the field of green and ornamental areas, “excrete biochemical substances that prevent the germination and growth or reproduction of other plants, and these are secretions” that come from mostly from the leaves, as there are some types of plants that These substances are secreted by the roots or the bark – the bark of the trunk.

It should be noted that the forest areas that suffered fires this year exceeded 10,300 hectares, and under the framework agreement some 9,330 hectares of fruit trees will be reforested.