Raja Academy officially opens on September 19 – today 24

Aziz Al-Badrawi, President of Raja Sports, confirmed in a post on his official page on social networking sites “Instagram”, that the team’s academy will open on Monday, September 19.

In this regard, Al-Badrawi said: “I met last night, Wednesday, with Fawzi Lekjaa, president of the Royal Football League, to discuss a number of matters and files of interest to Raja, including the opening of the academy. It opens on the 19th of this month.

Al-Badrawi added, in the same publication: “During this meeting, I submitted to the president of the university a proposal to build and equip two additional stadiums in the empty and untapped spaces within the academy itself, so that a large segment of Rajawis can benefit from these stadiums.”

The president of Raja explained that Fawzi Lekjaa, faced with his proposal to build and equip the two stadiums that would cost the university an amount of “one thousand eight million cents”, and told him verbatim: “I will not say no to any project that will give players to the Raja team and the national team in the future”.

At the end of his post, Aziz Al-Badrawi confirmed that the start of the works will take place in these two stadiums on the same day, “that is, on Monday, September 19”, immediately after the opening of the academy.