Requires the Ministry of Benmoussa to correct the imbalances in the educational system – today 24

The National Authority for the Protection of Public Funds and Transparency of Morocco urged the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports and the Ministry of Higher Education to expedite the presentation and issuance of its program of reform proposals to correct the imbalances of the education system .

According to the report of the National Authority for the Protection of Public Funds and Transparency in Morocco, “El Día 24” received a copy of it: Aware of the position of the school in the social project of our country, this aims to take into account the various problems that affect its quality and its limitations, according to the content of the report of the new development model, issued in April 2021. As well as the strategic vision for the 2015-2030 reform.

In this context, the authority emphasizes respecting the format of the basic determinants of the quality of education and finding an adjustment to the limitations related to the generalization and development of educational institutions, which were revealed by the Covid 19 pandemic and linked to Internet.

Improve the skills of teachers in the digital field, in addition to investing in training and motivating teachers so that they are guarantors of the success of learning, while reorganizing the curriculum and the evaluation system to ensure the success of each student inside the frame. of the new development model, and renewing the contents and pedagogical curricula for an effective and stimulating education.

Within the framework of the quality of education, the authority called for taking the necessary measures in this regard to commit seriously and urgently to the reform of the educational system of our country at all its levels and wires, in order to achieve the following objectives :

Mastery of languages, knowledge, skills and values, increasing the efficiency of the performance of educational actors and the shortcomings that basic and continuous training suffers, combating school, professional and university waste, and limited access to learning through educational technologies.
Guarantee access to learning through educational technology.

In conclusion, the National Commission recalls the royal speech of August 20, 2013, on the occasion of the anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people: “The current situation of the education sector is
And training requires an objective pause with oneself, to assess achievements, identify weaknesses and imbalances, and avoid submitting its management to auctions or political conflicts.

The authority also monitors the situation regarding increases in the prices of books and school supplies and the unmonitored cost at all levels in the private sector, as well as the government’s commitment to its recent declarations on no increase.