The government reveals the results of the investigation by the Ministry of Health into the suicide of a doctor in Casablanca (+ video) – Hoy 24

The government spokesman, Mustafa Baytas, revealed today, Thursday, the results of an internal investigation carried out by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, on the subject of the suicide of Dr. Rashid Yassin, who ended his life by hanging, while justice is still you are looking at the file.

Bytas, during his response to a journalist’s question at the weekly symposium, said that the judiciary is investigating the file, adding that “the Ministry of Health made an internal inspection and the case was studied from various angles.”

Paytas confirmed, that “the deceased, the deceased doctor, was studying for a national diploma of specialization in urology at Ibn Rushd Hospital, which began his training on March 11, 2019”, adding: “The committee conducted an investigation that I will expose some of its elements because the file is subject to judicial follow-up”.

And the government official continued: “The late doctor was successful in all his training, got good points and, like his colleagues, had other training in urology oncology, and was among three resident doctors out of six doctors who benefited from the training. “

And Baitas added: “The general conclusions are that the deceased participated from January 10, 2022 to June 2022 in 27 surgeries, that is to say that he was working, including 5 operations that were completed in June, and he also looked after urgent interests “. he took care and reached an indemnity like the rest of the companions “.

The official domain on behalf of the government, also said, “With respect to the other professor, to whom he refers, his file does not include any sanction.”

A young doctor named “Yassin Rashid” ended his life last Thursday; Where he was found dead in his hospital room in the French capital, Paris, after the deceased was training there.

And this incident fell like a thunderbolt on his colleagues at the “Ibn Rushd” hospital in the city of Casablanca; While still alive, residing in the Urology Department of the University Hospital in his last year, the deceased went through a long and arduous path of study of almost 14 years.

A relative of the young man told “Al-Youm 24” that his family had assigned a lawyer to carry out all legal procedures authorized to clarify the circumstances of the accident and the reasons that led to his death.

While the companions and relatives of the dead man speak of his exposure to psychological pressures as a result of a toxic work environment that led him to suicide; As revealed by Elias Al-Khatib, secretary general of the National Committee for Internal Medicine and Residents in Morocco, in his interview with the site.