Israeli businessmen are not satisfied with the level of commercial cooperation with Morocco – Hoy 24

Along with the Israeli government’s announcement of its intention to open a commercial representation in Morocco, Israeli businessmen expressed their dissatisfaction with the level of commercial cooperation between the two countries since the signing of the agreement to normalize relations, hoping for greater cooperation in new areas, at a level that can be reflected in the level of Live in Israel.

In the same context, he said, prince shaniVice President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce for International Relations, this week, at a symposium that discussed investment opportunities between Israel and Morocco, organized by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, that the Federation hopes to strengthen the capabilities of sea and air transport between both countries, similar to what is happening with the United Arab Emirates and promoting freedom of navigation.

Shani explained that the concluded trade agreement should allow the importation of new products in the automotive and food sectors, in a way that could affect the cost of living in Israel.

According to Shani, the trade agreement between Israel and Morocco should be promoted and maritime shipping from Moroccan ports directly to Israel should be promoted, to allow a greater volume of merchandise shipped, and asks Israeli importers for patience, until it is possible. . facilitate the procedures for the delivery of Moroccan goods to Israel.

The day before yesterday, Israel announced its intention to open a trade mission in Morocco next year, and Israeli Economy Minister Orna Barbivai said that “Israel will open a trade mission in Morocco next year 2023.”

And the Israeli website “i24NEWS” reported that “the minister’s announcement came at an economic conference supporting trade relations between the two countries, which led to the normalization of relations two years ago under the Abraham accords. negotiated by the United States of America. United States,” adding “the potential for economic cooperation between Israel and Morocco at the same time. The conversation is described as massive.”

The Moroccan government ratified last March an agreement with Israel for joint “economic and commercial cooperation”, after it was signed in February, with the aim of promoting bilateral commercial cooperation and joint investments, such as the food industry, medicine, farming, agriculture, textile, automobile industry and aviation.