Morocco is among the countries that respond to financial transparency standards (US Department of State) – Hoy 24

The US State Department said in its latest report, issued Friday, that Morocco is among the countries that meet financial transparency standards.

The ministry indicated that 72 countries, out of a total of 142 that were taken into consideration, met the minimum standards of financial transparency for the year 2021, the period that the document examines.

The transparency of public budgets informs citizens of how public and tax revenues are spent, and is an essential element in the effective management of public finances.

According to the US diplomacy report, 69 countries did not meet the minimum requirements in terms of fiscal transparency.

The US Department of State highlighted that balance sheet transparency is an essential element of effective public finance management, helping to enhance market confidence and support economic sustainability.

The report was based, in particular, on the essential completeness and reliability of the financial documents, as well as the transparency of the procedures for entering into public transactions.