My presence in prison for unfair rulings and the country deserves the sacrifice – today 24

Nasser Zefzafi, the leader of the Hirak Rif, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison, said that “his presence in prison is the result of sentences”, which he described as “unfair”, as well as his desire “to see Morocco in the ranks of the developed countries”.

This came in a message his father posted on his Facebook page, which he attributed to him, with Nasser adding in the message: “To say that no one deserves your sacrifices to stay behind bars and serve the sentence of the rest of them is made irrelevant to our culture of struggle and humanity.”

He asked, “How did these thoughts infiltrate your mind so easily? And how did you allow the human demons to whisper to you?” And he adds: “If we all believed in these destructive ideas, who would defend our homeland? Who will win for the poor and the weak?

In his message, Nasser Zefzafi continued: “There are those who deserve, you deserve, and the homeland deserves, yes, there are those who sacrificed their youth and their lives for us, and they also deserve to follow their path…”.

He called the Hirak Rif leader, who said they were spreading “fake news about him and his family,” “hypocrites and haters.”

And he added: “You have to understand very well that my presence in prison was the product of unfair rulings and of my desire to see my country in the ranks of developed countries, where you live dear, do not be fooled and do not be fooled “. .”

The Rabat Court of Cassation had confirmed the prison sentence in the appeal phase against Zefzafi in 2021, which imposed a 20-year prison sentence on him, accused of violating the internal security of the Kingdom, in addition to definitive prison sentences for periods ranging from one to 20 years against other activists in the movement.

And amnesty sentences were issued against some of the convicts in King Mohammed VI’s Rif file, but they did not include Zefzafi and other prominent names like Nabil Ahamjik.