The body of a young man was found in the “Rabeeb Grad” lake near Smara, one day after his disappearance – today 24

After more than 24 hours of searching by civil protection personnel and a group of young people, yesterday morning, Thursday morning, the body of young Abdullah Moamel was found floating in the water in front of the direction of the search from the lake.

The deceased young man was the subject of investigation for his disappearance on Wednesday in Smara at the lake “Rabeeb Lamkarak”, after he reported that he had drowned by a person, who says he was with him at the time of his drowning, in addition to another person, who were subsequently arrested.

Immediately after the body of the deceased was recovered, a deep head wound was examined, after which he was transferred to the Smara regional hospital morgue until he was transferred to Agadir for medical autopsy to find out the true causes of death. death. under the supervision of the Public Ministry, which opened an investigation to find out the causes of the accident.