The Rahal Theater returns with the largest artistic tour of the “circus” in the Casablanca-Settat region – today 24

The Al-Rahhal Theater Cultural Association is organizing a great artistic tour, the first of its kind, throughout the month of September, starting today, Friday, in the Casablanca-Settat region, under the title “Aves”.

The association stated in a statement that “Al-Youm 24” received a copy of the art tour that aims to revive street art after a long break due to the Corona pandemic, after a comprehensive training for 15 young people during a full year.

The communication explains that the show combines elements of theater, circus and puppets with the aesthetics of street theater to turn it into a work of art suitable for a wide audience.

The Cultural Association of Traveling Theater launches the first professional technical, artistic and administrative training in the interdisciplinary field of street arts, in order to respond to the urgent need for mobile art programs since it is a complete educational program composed of interventions, technical laboratories and practical training given by nationally and internationally renowned organizations and artists.

According to Mohamed Hassouni, Technical Director of the Association, the main objective of this training is to provide trainees with the tools to create income-generating activities through a better understanding of the cultural sector, and therefore this initiative creates economic integration favorable for young people to combat the flight of talent towards Western countries”. And he added that “Moroccan street artists struggle to establish a status recognized by public authorities to guarantee their right to work.”

Bashar indicated that the Al-Rahhal Theater Cultural Association was established in 2006. It is a mobile street theater that aims to introduce theater to people who do not have access to it, and to revive folklore, oral and gestural traditions in the contemporary street theatre.