The Royal Moroccan Basketball Federation holds a meeting with the Israeli Basketball Federation in Al-Bayda – Today 24

The city of Casablanca witnessed the day before yesterday, Wednesday, a working session between the Royal Moroccan Basketball Federation and the Israeli Federation of the Game, headed by Abdel Latif Miqdad, treasurer of the university, with Lea Benstaret, general coordinator of this cooperation. , in the presence of the technical director Hashem Wahedi, and Asmaa Al-Ghanmi, President of Qutb Logistics of the National Technical Administration, downloading the requirements and terms of the cooperation agreement between the university and the aforementioned union.

The objective of this meeting was to develop a future roadmap for the download of the programs that emanate from the agreement, which includes several axes, among which are the improvement and development of administrative procedures, the financing of projects, the supervision of trainers , referees and national teams in all categories, and work to advance basketball.

At the end of this meeting, Beneshtriet thanked the Royal Moroccan University for its response and its tireless work to develop national basketball, which is characterized by good mobility.

On the other hand, Abdul Latif Miqdad affirmed the university’s willingness for cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences between the two universities, regarding the training of coaches and referees.