Accusations of the heads of associations who register their wives and relatives to benefit from the Arush Biznit program

The “Al-Youm 24” website obtained a copy of a complaint filed by two collective members of the Sidi Bouabdali Communal Council with the Tiznit province employment interests. Associations carrying projects.

According to the complaint, most of those enrolled in the program by associations and cooperatives that carry out projects do not perform their duties and receive undue compensation, since the process is not controlled by the collective council and the associations to which they have been assigned. those projects.

In addition to the lack of follow-up, the complaint adds, “The beneficiaries of the Urach program, some of whom have a strong relationship with the owners of associations or cooperatives, such as the registration of the wives of the owners of associations, the wives of members, children, uncles or cousins”, without mentioning the Registry of “day laborers who belong to the group and receive their salary from the group”, and “persons related to the members and employees of the group”.