Algeria did not provide security in the final of the Junior Arab Cup (video) – Hoy 24

Aziz Akhannouch expressed solidarity with the Moroccan youth team, which was attacked by the Algerians at the Oran stadium, in the final of the Arab Junior Cup.

Akhannouch chose to express his solidarity with the national team during a speech he gave on the occasion of the opening of the summer university for its young people in Agadir, stating that “the Moroccan national team did not commit any sin, except that it fiercely defended its national jersey”. . , with discipline and regularity, in a non-sports interview”, as he himself expressed.

Akhannouch said that he blames Algeria, which did not provide the conditions to secure Moroccan players, expressing solidarity with them on his behalf, on behalf of his party and on behalf of the Moroccan government.