Cancer spreads in Khadija’s corpus ovale and doctors stopped chemotherapy

The doctors in charge of the health condition of the popular artist, Khadija Al-Baydaweya, suspended chemotherapy, because her body did not respond to it, since the cancer spread rapidly to her ribs and head, after being confined only to your lung.

Nawal, the daughter of the oval actress, confirmed that “the solutions on earth are over” with her mother’s state of health, and they await “solutions from heaven”, and pointed out that she lives with the disease thanks to the analgesics that reduce it. she the pain of the dreaded complications of cancer, and she can’t last an hour without him.

According to the same source, several Moroccan artists visited Casablanca at her home and supported her financially and morally, following the campaign launched by the artist Mohamed El-Khiari, and she also received a call from the Ministry of Youth and Culture to help her with the costs of the treatment, which provided an amount of 3 million cents.

It should be noted that the Moroccan artist Khadija Al-Baidawia has been suffering in silence for several months due to lung cancer, until she revealed her condition through press interviews, and Mohamed El-Khiari launched a solidarity campaign with her in the social networks.