“Pegidio” Fez demands the intervention of the censorship authorities before the mayor of the city – today 24

The advisers of the Justice and Development team in the Community Council of Fez demanded the intervention of the administrative control authorities, to carry out their functions stipulated in the law with respect to “what the leadership of the Council of Fez knows about violations in management and governance during the sessions”.

The “Al-Bijidi” team justified its call for the intervention of the control authorities, in a statement that “Day 24” received a copy of what happened during the last special session, which was dedicated to examining a series of points on the agenda of the session, including the draft design for the preparation of the canton of Sais, and a draft planning decision Limits of public roads for the creation of the preparation road D 433 in the province of Sais (partial creation ).

According to the statement, the Justice and Development team recorded what the President of the Council consistently described in its approach based on improvisation, poor conduct of sessions and manipulation of constitutional and legal requirements, while presenting the first point mentioned, since he preferred to leave the session open, and postpone the study of this point for a second session for one day, on Thursday, September 08, alleging what he called the presence of lapses and errors in the design project for the conditioning of the canton de Sais, noting that the president, adds the statement, signed the minutes of the local commission of which he is a member, which approved the project as it was submitted to the city council.

The “Al-Misbah” team attributed the reason for the postponement to the existence of a distance between the components of the majority due to the conflict of interests of some of its members.

The advisors of the Justice and Development Party denounced “the approach of the dictatorship of opinion and the position imposed by the president during his leadership of the different sessions of the Council”, and expressed their absolute rejection of defrauding the rights of third parties by empowering those with influence and special interests, in view of the non-compliance with the legal requirements for reconstruction specific to the preparation study design methodology within the council, and depriving the members of their right to make their own observations and suggestions in this regard.