Bait Mal Al-Quds Agency donates around 400 million to sponsor 10 Palestinian schools – Hoy 24

Today, Sunday in Jerusalem, the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency signed agreements to sponsor ten schools under the Agency’s Environmental Clubs project.

These agreements, for an amount of $400,000 and to be implemented from fiscal year 2023, were signed in the presence of Muhammad Salem al-Sharqawi, director in charge of the operation of the Bait Mal al-Quds Agency, Samir Jibril, director of education in the Holy City.

The agreements refer to interfering with some maintenance works, preparation of patios and landscaping, improvement of the quality of the facilities and development of rest spaces, children’s games, recreational spaces and laboratories.

The agreements will be implemented in two phases. The first refers to five schools: Hassan II, Salah al-Din, al-Masirah, Omar Ibn al-Khattab, and al-Nahda al-Islamiyya.

The second phase includes another five schools, namely Comprehensive Girl, Zia Al-Quds, Young Muslim Women, New Generation and Sharafat Basic.

On the same occasion, the “Hassan II” School was visited, where the commemorative plaque to name King Hassan II was installed, at the initiative of the Jerusalem Education Directorate, in honor of the memory of the late King, and as a sign of thanks for the white hands of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Jerusalem Committee, and His Majesty’s patronage for projects and programs of the Bait Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency.

The Hassan II School is located in the heart of the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood, adjacent to the old town and close to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and is attended by 200 male and female students, who are regular at school levels from fifth to ninth level distributed in 12 classrooms that were built entirely by the Agency, in addition to a section for computing and another for a science laboratory.