Barcelona’s spending cap rises to 800 million euros

The Spanish Football League decided to raise FC Barcelona’s spending ceiling to 800 million euros to allow it to overcome the spending deficit, after this year it sold part of its assets to achieve financial balance.

Last year, the Spanish football authority gave Barcelona a spending cap of €96m, but faced a €144m shortfall in January, which meant the Catalan club had to find some savings to sign new players after their debts and obligations. accumulated to reach 1,350 million euros, with 673 million euros owed to banks.

As a result of these economic conditions, the association previously indicated that it had raised Barcelona’s spending ceiling to 656 million euros in the current 2022-2023 season. The president of the Spanish Football League, Javier Tebas, said that he will have to

Barcelona must continue to reduce the wage bill to maintain the spending ceiling on

next season.

Real Madrid has the highest spending ceiling in the Spanish championship with 683 million euros, followed by Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid in third place with 341 million euros.