The film “Al-Shatah” within the activities of the Tangier National Film Festival – today 24

Moroccan actor Abdelilah Rachid participated in a new film entitled “Al-Shatah”, which will be screened for the first time at the Tangier National Film Festival, during the period from September 16 to 24.

And Abdel Ilah Rashid, through his publication of a video clip with excerpts from the film “Al-Shatah” on his official page on “Instagram”, indicated that the role he will play is a new experience and completely different from what he presented in his previous papers.

The source announced that the new film, with a comic flavor, will feature the participation of great Moroccan artists, such as Hassan Flan, Jawad Al-Sayeh, Jamal Al-Ababsi, Ayoub Abu Al-Nasr and others, directed by Lotfi Ait Jawi. .

Abdelilah Rachid commented on the video: “Farhan, we share with you this different, interesting and interesting movie, ‘Al-Shatah’. I see you in a different and new role with a group of distinguished artists… Our date is the official competition of the Tangier National Film Festival from September 16 to 24 We will meet in Tangier.