Details of Guerguerat’s last crossing for the “Africa Eco Race Rally”, which angers the “Polisario” – today 24

Immediately after the “Africa Eco Race” rally announced its return after two years of paralysis, the rally that links Monaco and Dakar through Morocco and Mauritania, the separatist Front “Polisario” again threatened to try to hinder it, in the midst of rumors about the seriousness of the separatist actions. threats in the region.

The demonstration, which has always embraced Moroccan territory, organized its last version in 2020, which the separatist front had threatened to obstruct, but on January 13, 2020, the participants passed through the Guerguerat border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania, after be subject to the legal procedures in force, which is simplified by the Moroccan and Mauritanian sides specifically for the rally.

However, the passage of the demonstration in 2020 from the Guerguerat passage was already threatened by the “Polisario” and with the intervention and monitoring of the United Nations, since it anticipated the arrival of the participants of the demonstration in Guerguerat, intervening Through his Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who called to “allow the passage of regular civil and commercial movement”, at the crossing he asked “to refrain from any action that could constitute a change in the status quo in the buffer zone”.

Guterres expressed at the time his “concern” about the growing tensions in the Sahara, in conjunction with the passage of the “Africa Eco Race” through the Guerguerat crossing, and stressed that “it is important to allow the regular passage of civilians and commercials” . movement, and refrain from any action that could constitute a change in the status quo in the buffer zone” in Karkarat, calling on “all actors to exercise the utmost restraint and defuse any tension”.

In addition to Guterres’ intervention, a car from the “MINURSO” mission in the desert arrived at the Guerguerat crossing two days before the arrival of the participants in the last version of it, and stopped at the spa of the affiliates at the front. separatist. to obstruct traffic at the border crossing, by building tents and erecting barricades in what the separatist front described as a Border Crossing Closure Warning.

According to observers, the threats of the separatist front of the demonstration in this version are nothing more than fanfare without flour, and an attempt to attract attention only, especially since Morocco intervened in November 2020, to implement a military operation to liberate Guerguerat, which was completely cut off with the possibility that the separatists could reach the crossroads.

The rally, which is turning heads in its 14th edition, consists of 550 people of 30 different nationalities, and 200 cars, including 80 racing cars, in a convoy that is scheduled to leave Monaco on October 15 and sail for two nights before arrive in Morocco through the Nador city gate, while its most important stopover on Moroccan soil is expected to be in the city of Dakhla, before crossing into Mauritania through the Guerguerat pass on October 24, and concluding the rally in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, on the last day of October.