Most are absent from the session of the Regional Council of Guelmim – today 24

A quorum was not reached for the holding of the ordinary session of the Regional Council of Guelmim for the month of September, due to the absence of the majority team and their failure to attend the invitation of the president of the council, leaving only three members of the opposing team attended.

It seems that the head of the Guelmim Regional Council, affiliated with the Constitutional Union, has lost his majority, especially after a series of points of disagreement between him and his supporters were recently recorded to reach the presidency of the Council in the elections. last September, in alliance with representatives of the National Association of Independents, the Independence Party and the Hope, Progress and Socialism Party, for which Andak obtained nine votes out of 14 votes.

The session was expected to approve the presentation of a petition to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests to support farmers and wage earners affected by the current drought in the region, before it was decided to postpone the session for a date later.

In addition to the previous point, the course work program includes two points related to listening to and discussing the exposition of the regional director of the Ministry of National Education and Primary Education on the current school admission, and the measures and preparations related to it, and the director of the Guelmim Water Basin Agency presented his report on the water situation in the region.